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Recession? What "recession?"

Stop making excuses and change your perspective of this market place. American is "on sale" right now and the greatest wealth this world has ever seen is being transfered to wise real estate investors that look at the supposed "recession" as the greatest opportunity in their life.

short sale

Understand this too... get prepared for "the long haul". Real estate investing takes WORK and TIME. Period. Any other expectation you have about it is false.

You do not become wealthy by winning the lottery. You become "rich". What is the difference? "Rich" is a state of mind and without a plan or responsibility paired with it, it goes away quickly. But being wealthy takes skill and practice. It is no wonder that study after study shows people that won the lottery are broke in 5 years. Why? They wanted to be "rich" ... and guess what? They blew the cash just as fast as they acquired it.

On the other hand, wealthy people know it is going to take work and time. They have an expectation of what I call the "marathon wealth mindset".

They have a consistent goal of financial independence to serve others. Every decision along the way is constantly weighed against that goal. People that have the marathon wealth mindsets are held accountable. They admit it when they make mistakes. In the beginning of a business they fail more times then succeeding however, they relentlessly pursue a path that leads to a well thought out plan towards financial independence. They are prepared to get a little "bruised up". They work through painful situations... sacrificing, living on faith and hope, but they NEVER… NEVER… NEVER… give up.

That is a wealthy person.

So ... Do you want to be rich or wealthy in the great real estate "recession"?

Real Estate Recession